When you go through one of the Workflow Coaching Programmes:

  • Things will never be the same again
  • You will find fresh ideas and approaches to your work
  • You will harvest the ideas you have and find the time to do them

Workflow Coaching is personalised training that is tailored to your individual needs.

Together we look at your endless flow of emails, phone calls, meetings, projects, tasks and both paper and electronic information, and develop a clearly defined system to manage this to best meet YOUR priorities and available time.

Individual coaching takes place in YOUR work environment, so you can start creating efficient work habits immediately, reducing stress and better utilising your time.

There are four Workflow Coaching Programmes to suit various needs:

  • Group Workflow Coaching 
  • Executive and Administrative Assistant Workflow Coaching (suited to a small cluster with a single output focus eg manager and PA)
  • Individual Workflow Coaching
  • Workflow ReAlignment™

Benefits of Workflow Coaching for Individuals and Groups are;

  • ability to do more and better work in the same time
  • ability to absorb and integrate additional work responsibilities with ease
  • ability to manage and keep track of increasingly complex workloads
  • tools and techniques taught are transferable as roles change and develop
  • ability to continuously improve and refine work systems
  • better use of resources
  • smoother handovers when staff are on leave or depart
  • increased confidence
  • elimination of ‘blocks’ to getting work done
  • better delegation processes and outcomes
  • reduction of stress

Benefits of Workflow Coaching for organisations are;

  • Address workplace stress issues allowing a better work life balance
  • Focus team on high priorities in alignment with company key goals
  • Any future physical moves achieved more quickly due to transferability of systems.
  • Team downtime is minimal as work is processed during training.
  • Increased business planning and better communication
  • Improved attitude of employees
  • Reduction in likelihood of losing valued staff at risk of leaving the organisation