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Zauled Group Workflow Coaching

Zauled Group Workflow Coaching is a combination of group and one-on-one coaching. This is done in four sessions over a number of weeks. Zauled Group Workflow Coaching takes place in the work environment, so the team can start creating efficient work habits immediately, removing stress and better utilising their time.

Zauled Executive and Administrative Assistant Workflow Coaching

An intensive Programme to support the crucial working relationship between Executives and their Assistants to help deliver on organisational outcomes. Training is completed individually and jointly over four sessions to ensure processes and workflows work together effectively and seamlessly.

Zauled Individual Workflow Coaching

A high touch Programme for senior leaders or individuals with specific needs.  Takes place in the work environment and video/tele conference to ensure support is on hand when needed. Workflow Coaching for individuals is one-on-one coaching for a full day with two follow up sessions over a number of weeks.

Zauled Workflow ReAlignment™

Zauled Workflow ReAlignment™ is for graduates of Workflow Coaching Programmes and can be tailored to individuals or groups. It is designed for graduates who have changed roles, taken on significant responsibilities or need to refresh and fine-tune their worklfow system.



Zauled Workflow Coaching is personalised training that is tailored to your individual needs.Together we look at your endless flow of emails, phone calls, meetings, projects, tasks and both paper and electronic information, and develop a clearly defined system to manage this to best meet YOUR priorities and available time.


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