The course gave me mental strength to deal with the waves of e-mail. Mainly through prioritization and defining what communications have value. It also provided valuable tools around filing and management of information received and sent via e-mail. It has enabled me to find additional productivity during my work day without increasing overall work hours.

Steve Lucinsky - Area Plant Manager

Ministry For The Environment

Having a professional look over your shoulder at your workflow and show you simple techniques that save you time is like a gift that keeps on giving. A sound investment, and great for people so used to using Apple.  

Jolyon Swinburn - Policy Analyst

EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology)

The most worthwhile professional development I have ever done. 


Andrew McCulloch, Programme Leader, Applied Science

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Saul was able to apply a number of key principles that have transformed my work practices and not only made me much more productive and efficient at work but enabled me to be more relaxed and present away from the office as I know all key work elements are on track! Thanks Saul.

Paul Maguire, Manager Experience and Learning

Taranaki District Health Board

The Zauled workflow system gives tools to find an individualised way to manage the work demands.  The training also gives plenty of opportunities to consider ways to increase productivity and improve your work life balance.  Applicable to all types of roles and workplaces.

Gillian Campbell, Chief Operating Officer

Fulton Hogan - Waikato

Workflow coaching provided me with the tools and techniques I needed to transform a very hectic and knee jerk delivery personality, into a calmer more productive employee. I would advise anyone who has trouble delivering or tracking their workload to take this training and develop into a more well rounded and organised employee.    

Jarrod Bates, Department Manager, Asset Management

International Volunteer HQ

The Workflow Coaching has been a life saver! With an empty head, a clear inbox and a clear plan/direction - no task is too big. I have a system that works for me - allowing me to take action on anything that comes at me and it is something that I will continue to use throughout my working and personal life. I recommend Workflow Coaching to anyone who is eager to feel less stressed and more in control - who isn't-!

Will Rowland, Program Manager

New Plymouth District Council

Workflow coaching provided an opportunity to step out of the frenetic world we live in and review my work habits.  I came away with techniques and models to effectively manage my workflow in a more structured and simplified way.   I would strongly encourage professionals at all levels to invest in this personal development opportunity you will come away with personal insights and new techniques to help navigate through the working week.  

Andrea Smith, Group Manager Organisational Development


Workflow coaching was very beneficial in helping to regain control of my life and work balance. Tips and methods around dealing with e-mails, heavy workloads and delegation skills have allowed me to free up my time to be spent on the things that are most important to me both at work and at home.


Paul Petrowski, Manager

Hawke's Bay DHB

This training was a huge advantage to me as an Administrator for a team of eight.  I have learnt to streamline both electronic and physical systems and to continually strive for improvements in my process.  It has taught me to challenge the way I currently undertake tasks and think carefully about the most efficient and effective way to improve my working day for me and my team.  The training was relaxed, comfortable and fun.  I would recommend it to all. 

Toni McGill, Administration Coordinator

The University Of Auckland

I found the Workflow Coaching very helpful and have implemented and continue to use a large number of the techniques recommended by Saul.  Tips on managing the email load and clever use of Outlook were particularly helpful, but the whole system is useful and I would recommend it. Saul is patient and encouraging but also prepared to provide a nudge towards more helpful work habits.

Dr Sally Merry, Associate Professor

EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology)

Thought this was very useful and relevant professional development.  Although I previously considered myself to be organised in my life there were strategies I learnt that improved my workflow.  Also useful as several of my colleagues had done this professional development - I am now able to support them in maintaining these strategies and can model use of them.


Gwenda Kevern, Head of School, Education and Social Science

South Taranaki District Council

If you are serious about becoming more efficient and ultimately more productive in your work, while also making life easier for yourself, then I would recommend enlisting the help of Saul Ireland and the Workflow Group. Saul was professional, very easy to work with and in 3 short sessions gave me the tools to manage my workflow better and significantly improved my effectiveness as an employee and a manager.


Gerard Langford, Communications Manager

Waikato District Council

Zauled workflow training has been ground breaking for me. The 'back to basics' review of how I work and strategies to plan, execute, organise, focus, delegate, review as been amazing. I have broken unproductive habits and reduced weakness that have been with me for years. I work is in control and that's improved my work/flow balance. 

Reuben Rink, Project Engineer

Wellington City Council

The programme helps you with clarity about what your work is and where you should put your effort or focus. It also helps you to hardwire that in to the way you work.

Ruth Hamilton, Group Manager Human Resources

ITL Engineering

The Zauled Workflow has dramatically improved my performance. Before the course I felt I was running on a treadmill never really getting anywhere just maintaining my performance and my team performance. The initial difference was fantastic I felt like I was sprinting the 100m. Now I have settled in to a steady long distance jog and the difference is that I can focus on initiatives to improve my team and the business. Thanks! 

Kevin Stretton, Lead Mechanical Engineer

EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology)

This is excellent training which can totally reorganise your working day and your overall strategic planning. Good for the individual and good for the company they work for.


Jenny Robertson, Head of School Tourism and Hospitality, Head of School English Language Centre

Crombie Lockwood

I have been on several time management "courses" over the years and not one has managed to keep me on the right track, until participating in Zauled.  The sessions over time have formed new habits which are essentially embedded.  Has been remarkable and made such a difference to my work and personal life.


Diane Watts, Group Relationship Manager

Auckland UniServices Ltd

As the learning and development lead for UniServices, I would highly recommend this Programme (and have already to others) as a very impactful training initiative that results in tangible change both for individuals and the whole workplace and culture. 

Rebecca Mowat, Business Partner, People and Culture

Kineo (Asia Pacific)

Describing this as a training course probably under plays the impact it has.  It's a habit forming session.  Most of the content I knew and had been delivered in various forums before.  The benefit of this Programme is the important pieces are matched together, i.e email with workflow.  The one on one work is how it is cemented into forming new habits and how this works in my workplace not just the classroom.  Saul and Nikki have a holistic view of adult learning and apply many theorist from cognitive, behavioural and spiritual to the development and structure of this Programme.

Angela Bingham, Organisational Services Manager

Wellington Zoo Trust

The Workflow Individual Coaching Programme has transformed the way I work. It requires a different way of thinking and doing things. While this was initially difficult it was well supported and reinforced through each of the 3 sessions. I now have simple systems and processes in place for planning, streamlining and more effectively managing and monitoring my work. It is empowering in that it has provided me with greater control over day to day tasks such as emails and meetings as well as bigger project based pieces of work. I also like the way it is holistic and can be applied to both work and personal life.

Jo Ring, General Manager People & Culture


For a starter... I feel in control of the workflow, rather than just reacting to it. That has given me a better head space to balance work. Since I feel more in control and plan my activities, my down time from work is more enjoyable (e.g. weekends).I have had lots of emails from people saying "thanks for the prompt response" to their queries. That feedback is good to keep the momentum as I can see that the change in my work habits creates an impact to my colleagues and people I interact with.

David Pacheco, Science Group Leader - Animal Health and Nutrition


I feel calmer and more in control of my work. I feel more analytical about how to resolve work-related issues and better equipped.

Donna Watson, Project Manager


I went through the course at a time where I was overwhelmed with my workload and had no systems in place to manage it.  I was stressed and not enjoying the hours I was doing.  After completing the course, I now have control over my workload, have no surprises and systems in place that really work.  Saul’s method of training and his gentle manner encourage you to stop the excuses and challenge you to make a real difference.  


Wayne Turner, Christchurch Human Resources Manager

Taranaki District Health Board

Saul’s input to my team has revolutionised the way we work. I have saved 4 hours a week of my time alone. Everyone works more effectively; and since we each know how others plan their workflow the team is not so dependent on individuals to achieve goals. I recommend ZAULED to anyone who wants to work more smartly.

Sandra Boardman, GM Planning, Funding & Population Health, Taranaki District Health Board

Education Sector

I did this three years ago, and I was completely sceptical and adamant that I was all ready organised in my own chaotic way!  Saul provided a mix of class based teaching, with individualised examination of my work desk, filing systems and electronic planning.  He challenged me and had me clearing my office out.  Somehow he shifted me and I now use a system of decision making that allows me to know what I need to do and when.  It took me about three months to embed the thinking, but I continue to use the system.  Hence my peculiarly tidy desk!  The system is flexible enough to adapt to all special needs.

Education Sector

Venture Taranaki

The training has allowed me to reduce distractions and design a way of  managing my work that is specific to the work I do and my own strengths and weakness. I'm less stressed and feeling far more confident about my role.  I think everyone could benefit from this training.

Rachael Berndt, Business Advisor

Wellington Free Ambulance

This course has really helped me to manage the amount of workflow that I receive everyday. I now have a more balanced work/life style. I am no longer stressing about the amount of work that needs to be conducted during a week.

Shelley Madden, Logistics

The Werry Centre

The training has made me very conscious of every decision I make.  It has made me aware of how I am spending my time.  It has stopped me getting actively involved or 'taking over' jobs that are not mine it has showed me how to empower people I work with by showing them how to do things for themselves, or advising then on shortcuts to do a task.  Also spoken to people about doing IT classes to improve their situation. I also pull up an agenda before any meeting. Saves time makes meetings shorter and to the point.  Gives the person you are meeting with an idea of what it is you are needing from them so they are prepared. I have completed some IT workshops and feel better equipped. Learnt how to step back I don’t need to solve all the issues there are others equally or more competent than I.

Noleen Tuck, Project Support Administrator

Ministry of Education

Working with Saul has revolutionised my work.  I am more effective and feel in control of my work load. My stress levels have decreased considerably. I am better at starting and completing tasks that I did not enjoy doing.  This is one of the best professional learning opportunities that I have engaged in.  I wish I had worked with Saul years ago.  I highly recommend him as a Workflow Coach.

Di Drake, Senior Advisor, Education, Curriculum and Performance (ECP)

Infrastructure Alliance

I thought I was organised before, these sessions showed me there was room for improvement.  Follow through and take ownership of your job was another benefit.

Yvonne Campbell, Finance and Administration Officer

New Plymouth District Council

A direct report wanted (and needed) this workflow training. It was recommended that the manager (me) should do it too so that there is support from the top down and that others can see the positive results and see the need for change. I accepted, thinking that I was pretty organised. It did not take at all long for the trainer to come to understand my role and responsibilities. The trainer soon identified several inefficiencies such as doubling handling of emails and incoming mail and introduced me to a new way of working. It is a very systematic approach to planning the wise use of your time. It is very intensive but worth the effort. Expect to be transformed! 



Ralph Broad, Manager Consents

The Werry Centre

I didn't realise how much help I needed to organise my workflow until I completed this course. It's allowed me to take the time to plan my daily/weekly workflow so it works for me. I now feel more in control of my projects and tasks and am less stressed as a result.

Anita Winn-Robertson, Project Support Administrator

DHB Shared Services

I found myself consumed by the workload and lifestyle I had created for myself.  It was not until I had the opportunity to step back and reassess my work situation did I realise my work and life path was entirely out of sync.  My initial evaluation with Zauled established that I was working an 80 hour week and my goal was to  achieve a 60 hour week. With the help of the workflow concepts and incredible dedication and patience of Zauled consultant I now work a 40 hour week and have the weekend to enjoy with my family without feeling guilty.  If I had known these work concepts earlier on in my working career I would have shared them with everyone who would be bothered to listen.  I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend Zauled to anyone who wants to take control of their workflow situation and life-time goals as it has provided me with tools to pursue my goals without compromising who I am as a person.

Lucille Trewern, PA to GM, Executive Group Secretariat

Taranaki District Health Board

When I was first offered the training it is fair to say that I thought it was going to be just another re-packaged 'time management' course. However, this was excellent! Not only did it teach me some practical skills that I could use on a day to day basis to manage my workload and keep on top of things, it also led to broader changes in our office structure and working pattern that has been beneficial to the wider team. Before I undertook this training I felt that my workload was totally crisis driven - I was  overwhelmed by unmet deadlines, constant interruptions and competing priorities that seemed to be overtaken all the time by yet another 'urgent' and usually unplanned task. 2 weeks after the training I was back in control - most of my work is now planned, and when I'm interrupted by an urgent issue I am able to reschedule current work, or delegate it, so that it remains deliverable on time. I have found also that the changes implemented after the Workflow training have increased the productivity of my 
immediate team as I am utilising their time more effectively, thus freeing up time for them to help me! Brilliant outcome!!! Thank you Saul :-)

Channa Perry, Portfolio Manager - Health of Older People and Cancer Services

Venture Taranaki

Before my workflow coaching I was spending lots of time opening emails and not taking any action on them. I had a lot of my outstanding work in my head and my stress levels were high. Now I have a system that works for me and I now know where I am at with projects. I therefore now feel more organised, have more time to spend looking at what I'm doing rather than just doing it, and therefore I am now less stressed and feel more in control. I recommend Work flow coaching to anyone.

Carrie Thorne, Programme Coordinator

The Werry Centre

At the beginning I thought I had a lot of great processes in place and I managed my workload well.  I soon realised that I needed to review the way I worked as I was double handling a lot of content, not managing my email traffic and keeping paperwork from years ago when very little of it was needed. It was amazing to see the difference a clear workstation and electronic filing system can bring.

Justine Leef, Core Services Manager


Being Zauled by Saul, has been amazing for my office/work time/space.  Feeling in control of the constant workload and tweaking a few day-to-day tasks have vastly improved my perspective of managing my time and output, not only for me, but my manager, my team leaders and the wider Group.  Learning to use everyday tools to their absolute maximum has been a huge investment.  A few simple 'golden rules' for distractions have become a life saver both at work and home.

Catherine Cameron, Administrator


I'm in more control of my schedule and now know exactly where I've been and where I'm going from day to day. making my role more mobile. This has given me more focus on where to go next and how to get it and plan for it. Saul, thank you for the training and support. I've now got my role focused and better planned. The office skills you've taught me with help me achieve more and make my role easier. Thank you!

Vernon Bunn, Senior Broiler Advisor

Auckland UniServices Ltd

Prior to this course I was overwhelmed by emails, meetings and piles of outstanding work on my desk and documents which I kept at hand for reference. I now have far better clarity which is reflected in a far organised work-space and am no longer a slave to my emails.


Kent Lee, Contracts Manager

New Plymouth District Council

Starting in my new Executive Leadership role I felt like a was struggling to manage my various priorities. At times it felt like I was dealing with a load of spinning plates that could crash to ground at any minute. Working with Saul helped me de-clutter and organise my workspace as well as showing me how to become more efficient and effective with my various workstreams. I am less stressed and feel more on top of my workload. I now have a clear system to manage my priorities. It no longer feels like I'm dealing with a load of spinning plates.

Simon Pickford, Manager Executive Services

Hawke's Bay DHB

Since I completed Zauled Workflow Coaching, I have found my working week to be far more productive, organised and focussed.  Using the skills and methods provided within the Zauled Training, I now plan in advance, have better time management, and am able to find information quickly. My work flow is much improved.

Angela Taylor, Planning and Portfolio Advisor

Taranaki District Health Board

I found the coaching hard work and it was fairly intense - but ultimately worth it.  I now feel more in control of my work, and am more efficient and more efficient

Dr Jonathan Jarman, Medical Officer of Health

New Plymouth District Council

Saul's training has led to a massive change in my work habits. He took the time to listen carefully to the challenges I was facing and gave me the tools and the encouragement to make changes. This Workflow Coaching has helped me to increase my focus, improve my tracking of tasks and helped me to listen better and work more effectively. This has been hugely valuable training for me.


Andrew Moffat, Pouarahi Tukuihotanga / Manager Heritage, Puke Ariki

EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology)

Have found the course hugely beneficial, being able to clear workload much more efficiently, and being far more productive. The facilitator is great and seems very good at implementing his workflow model to even the most resistant. It was definitely money well spent for us as I know its saving the business money now through efficiency's. 

Simon Bousfield, Tairawhiti Campus Manager

Taranaki District Health Board

Taranaki District Health Board